Manhole Odor Eliminator
Smelly Manhole Cover Before Manhole Odor Eliminator

The MOE™

What is that smell? You start to cross the street and you get a whiff of a strong “rotten egg” smell. The culprit: the sewer manhole.

Cities no longer need to tolerate odor complaints from pedestrians and businesses that try their best to avoid these smelly areas. The smell coming from these manholes is caused by decaying organic material releasing gasses such as H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide). 

Chlorine and other hazardous chemicals are used to combat these sewer smells, costing cities millions of dollars a year as well as causing environmental problems.

The solution is the MOE™ (Manhole Odor Eliminator) a compete sewer odor control system.

The Manhole Odor Eliminator is an innovative solution to control the unpleasant smells that rise from sewer vents, grease traps, and manholes. Underground sewer systems let foul and potentially toxic gases pass through manholes into public areas. This can lead to nuisance complaints and even health and safety concerns. However, most activated carbon air filtration systems are expensive to maintain and can’t effectively manage the changing airflow typical of sewer systems.

The MOE™ is a unique system that fits under the manhole cover. This includes an insert, carbon filter cartridge and bladder. The bladder buffers the fluctuations of sewer gas so that the odor absorbent carbon only has to treat the peak gas flow. This reduces the need to change out the carbon filter saving cost and time consuming services.

The Manhole Odor Eliminator’s patent pending design includes a bladder that accommodates numerous gas flow fluctuations and reduces the amount of sewer gases passing through the carbon filter cartridge. The advanced odor absorbing activated carbon filtration system deodorizes up to 95% of the odor causing gases from sewer manholes so that only treated air reaches street level through the manhole cover. The Manhole Odor Eliminator is effective, long lasting, low cost and low maintenance.

Here’s what the Manhole Odor Eliminator can do for you:

  • Control or Eliminate “Rotten Egg Smell” from your Sewer System
  • Reduce Hazardous Chemicals including Hydrogen Sulfide Gas in the Air
  • Lower Maintenance Costs with Simple Installation and Replaceable Filters
  • Remove Significant Replacement Costs with our Long Lasting Modular Cartridge
  • Fits All Size Manholes with custom made HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Plastic or Stainless Steel Frames

The Manhole Odor Eliminator is already being utilized across the United States, including municipal areas, shopping centers, office buildings, casinos, amusement parks and more. Our satisfied customers include municipalities, contractors, dealers, and private companies.

Contact Inventive Resources, Inc. to find out how the MOE™ can reduce or eliminate unpleasant sewer smells at your location.




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