Manhole Odor Eliminator
Manhole Cleaning and Preparation for Odor Filter

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The Manhole Odor Eliminator has several standard sizes, but can be custom fit to any existing manhole. Please completely fill out the sizing guide on the right before ordering. Including pictures of the manhole and bottom of cover is also helpful.

Important Measurements

To insure a proper fit, all the items on the form should be filled in.

Cover style: There are several different styles of manhole covers. Choose the style which is closest matches the drop ring or support ribs.

OD: Outside diameter of lip. This is the measurement of where the manhole cover sits when installed.

ID: Inside diameter of opening. This is the smallest clear hole inside the manhole. Take into account any rough concrete or restrictions.

A: Drop ring diameter. Most manhole covers have a drop ring or other reinforcement bars on the bottom. The largest diameter of these rings needs to be measured to insure clearance for the MOE™ support frame.

B: Drop ring depth. Measure the part of the manhole cover that extends below the lip it sits on. This is not the full thickness of the cover.

C: Depth of manhole. Measure depth from the manhole cover to the top of the liquid level.

Also note if there are any other issues that may need to be considered for fitment. For example access ladders, pipes or other restrictions.

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